New Ways to Lead in Uncertain Times

Photo by David Yarrow.

The world has changed – How are you being as a leader?
Overwhelmed?    Overdriven?    Overworking?    Over it?


 Ready to Get L.I.T.?


There is a different way you can lead and be powerful,

one that subverts many traditional rules about leading.

I’m Sanna Lamb and I work with individuals and teams who are ready to eliminate drama, reduce apathy and “Get LIT” by tapping into evolutionary impulses which forge leadership and activate individual and team genius.

This is results-oriented work with far reaching impact.
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What if you can go beyond the limits to leadership that you are used to?

How might you and your team flourish and prosper when supported to shake loose from restrictive ways that limit your creativity and influence?

What if this dynamic time we are in can be even more powerful when you are connected with a trusted guide, receiving support to employ new ways that open up greater possibilities vs. being pinned down by “business as usual”?

Imagine for a moment: being energized, motivated and resilient in your ability to befriend uncertainty and skillfully navigate change instead of being afraid of it.

Imagine feeling LIT Up (vs burnt out) excited about all that you offer, confident in your choices and able to make the most of whatever life tosses you every day.

It is possible to feel in control and lead effectively even when you don’t have all the answers.

Walking towards challenges has power in it. Facing uncertainty rewards you with greater self-knowledge. Gifts and passions come into focus. Essential life skills get acquired and developed.  You move forward.

Here’s how you get started:

UNCOVER the invisible elephant in the room of your organization, business or life and begin to create to a new map.

CLARIFY hidden dynamics that block, limit and hold you back.

DISCOVER core strengths that provide authentic power in all situations.

CREATE a Plan that Lights You Up!

Photo by David Yarrow.

“Working with Sanna has made me think more deeply about my role and responsibility as a leader. It is not just that she has offered a completely different perspective on the business of business, but she has shown me, always gently, that there is so much more to the business of life than that which I was focusing on beforehand.” – Jannie Skov-Hansen, Founder Here We Are Global