Sanna Lamb

Leadership and
Transition Coach
Speaker &Trainer

Sanna Lamb   


Leadership Advisor and Global Citizen (Swedish, American, Swiss), Sanna Lamb helps forward-thinking organizations become more resilient, innovative and engaging places to work. Seasoned coach to senior leaders and business owners, Sanna draws from 25 years of globalized work: Broadcast News, Public Relations, Media and Event Production and Team Building. Sanna shares expertise and solutions on Behavioral Science, leadership Development and Change Management.


What I Do    

Bridging across industries, identifying hidden dynamics, seeing through to the essence of things, getting right to the heart of the matter, I guide clients to create simplified maps for navigating major work and life transitions.

Offering the most powerful tools and leading-edge skills available, I empower clients to quickly spot the limits of outmoded patterns and push through to access their highest intelligence, creativity, influence and impact. 

Born in NYC, trading in the skyscrapers for the beauty of the Swiss Alps, I co-led a large adult education center for 14+ years. Studying with global teachers in Consciousness, Business and Leadership, I collect practices from around the world that eliminate drama and cultivate cultures of trust, discovery, creativity.

My gift is to listen between words and see beyond appearances, supporting clients name the elusive obvious. I guide individuals, partners and teams out of painful disconnects and outdated models which breed dissonance and insecurity. Activating Team Spirit we uncover existing solutions  and expand options to resolve unsustainable situations.  


 My Mission 

I am here to support the expansion of Conscious Leadership and to foster what I call “Global Intimacy” – creating experiences that unite us in our highest creativity and call in our most perfect partners and opportunities from across large and diverse networks.

I foster inclusion and working together to leverage differences and access our greatest resources for innovation. Bridging polarization and paralysis, we heal our world, one leader, one team, one organization at a time, together.

My own path has taught me to recognize cultures of disconnection (that result in conflict and confusion) and understand how to shift dynamics (stuckness/holding back) in ways that spark new ways of thinking that harness greater creativity, connectivity and energy. 

I’ve been privileged to grow several businesses while honoring an essential list of non-negotiables: time with family and friends, including 4 nearly grown children; nourishing conscious global networks; taking care to refresh and recharge in the beauty of the Swiss Alps and other exquisite natural environments.

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