What if you could go beyond and above what you’re used to?

How might you blossom when supported to shake loose of restricting ways that limit your imagination, creativity, insight?

This dynamic time is even more powerful when you connect with trusted peers to receive support and envision and employ new ways that open you up to greater possibilities vs. being pinned down by “business as usual”.

When so much is up for re-evaluation and subject to change, it’s clearly time to think and act differently. Will you stand by and allow things to weigh you down? Will you contract in fear? Or will you choose to open, expand and be surprised by a transformational “Aha!”

Ready to travel lighter?

Ready to experience more inspiration, greater joy, connection and laughter? Ready to wake up refreshed and savor a brighter, more luscious morning?

Join us for our extraordinary Mediterranean Retreats offerings delightful activities embedded in pleasurable moments and relaxation. Our promise is to upgrade your ways of thinking and moving about at home and out in the world.

Strong, Experienced Women Change Makers are coming together to Wake Up in Pula, July 10-16th, 2019 and Wake Up in Crete October 6-10th, 2019. Like-minded, globalized women of focus, heart and energy. There are a few places left to which you can apply (apply early as space is limited).

Aware of what’s authentic and nurturing. Decidedly no longer interested in struggle or striving to do things which aren’t rewarding, we’re making new choices. “Making it” today is about doing work that matters with people you enjoy and making a difference.

Together, we will dive into the invigorating Mediterranean waters to awaken our senses and reconnect with the deep wisdom inherent in nature, shed excess baggage and discover “the leader within who has no title.”

This program offers deeper support, connections and communications. We’ll choose to be listening for intuition, passion and commitment, instead of anxiety and rationalization. The result is being able to recognize which risks are worth taking, while not forgetting to learn and grow and have more pleasure and FUN along the way!


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