When is it not a good time to come together with inspired leaders to cultivate our collective intelligence and cross pollinate our creativity between corporate, entrepreneurs, creators, makers, talented women (and men) from around the world.

TOGETHER we amplify and accelerate personal, business and global transformation. Modeling, developing, empowering and connecting to more authentic, informed and balanced ways, we uncover and pre-pave new pathways. Expanding in trust and abundance, we reach further towards our goals. The UN Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 is promoting gender equality, empowerment for women and girls, and other far-reaching economic, social and environmental initiatives in their SDG5 – TOGETHER we are achieving some of this and far, far more than our consensus worldview accounts for.

NOW IS THE TIME for fierce caring and courageous commitments.

I am excited to be joining the GLOBAL WIN Conference in Athens next month, October 2-4 (5) and offering a workshop about how Conscious Leaders eliminate drama and get out of the way so genius solutions will come through. Each year at WIN WE weave our golden strands together of expertise, wisdom and connections into a strong, beautiful, authentic, collective fabric.

A WORK OF ART. Curated to perfection and executed through a feminine lens, Global WIN goes far beyond most conferences. With masterful orchestration, WIN demonstrates exquisite layering of global, organizational and personal know-how together with productive compassion and purposeful networking.

AHEAD OF THE CURVE and fertile ground for change makers and pioneers, WIN offers a creative and holistic take on traditional business topics. With 22 years of consistent success and leading-edge experimentation, GLOBAL WIN has transformed and celebrated thousands of women and hundreds of companies, inspiring leaders to run companies and initiatives with noble values AND to fully live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm.

GETTING UP TO SPEED on a wide range of topics (from the future of work, AI, the circular economy to inclusion, resilience, organizational creativity, and conscious leadership) as well as meeting women and men in STEM, business and the arts, participants learn how to make things happen, expand capabilities and become part of a powerful network of inspired co-creativity with direct globalized influence.

WE HAVE MORE TOGETHER. Imagine boosting your energy and connecting with hundreds of inspired leaders who are open to learn from a diverse and globalized audience. I know some of you might be there… Who else is coming?

Check this out and let me know: www.winconference.net

Sanna Lamb