LIT Consulting

with Sanna Lamb Leadership Transition Coach & Trainer

Lioness photo by ​Melissa Groo.

LIT Consulting

You are a pro in your field and confident in what you have to offer. But, frankly, you just want to be listened to and guided into greater clarity and ease. Together we’ll reverse engineer where you want to be to get you on track with the language and tools that will be most effective to communicate next steps with stakeholders. Perfect for: leadership challenge; when something happens and you’re caught off-guard; overwhelmed, doubting or creatively blocked.  

Is This You? 

  • You’re overwhelmed by how to implement new information.
  • You’re over thinking a new approach, and want an unbiased opinion.
  • You’ve got a plan, but you’re not sure how to take it to the next level. 
  • You’re not clear how to communicate new information to your partner.

LIT Sessions are custom-tailored for your unique situation. 

Your LIT Session Includes:

  • Assessment and Review of your situation prior to our meeting. I’ll cut to the chase and tell it to you straight – what you need today to be more focused, effective and energized at work and at home.
  • 60 Minute Live Consultation
  • Telephone Follow Up Call 

How it works: Sessions are held via phone or Zoom video and can be recorded. Prior to our session, you’ll be sent a comprehensive questionnaire. During your session you’ll receive strategic recommendations and actionable plans. 

Ready  to clarify next steps?