LIT Intensive

With Sanna Lamb Leadership and
Transition Coach
& Trainer

The LIT Strategy Intensive

 Weekend Intensive, Virtual or In-Person  

There is a lot at stake and you know you need to do something, but you’re not sure what, or even where to start. You’re ready to uncover blind-spots that are keeping you from living and leading with energy, clarity and impact. You’re ready to learn how to turn this current situation into your rocket fuel and growth opportunity.

Perfect for: when you want to kick start your next steps and move quickly, but you’re scared of doing the wrong thing… so you end up doing nothing (or doing what you’ve always done). You understand the basic elements of what you’re up against and are ready to develop a strategy for moving forward. 


  • Find systems that cut down on your frustrations
  • Make informed decisions based on your personal data
  • Craft a plan you can follow and execute
  • Create what YOU want
  • Serve the people you want to serve  

Want a realistic look at what it’s going to take to really change and sustain success regeneratively? 

Need support to make smart decisions about your professional positioning, perfect partners, strategic alliances and creative next steps? 

 LIT Intensives are custom-tailored for your unique situation. 

Your LIT Intensive May Include: 

  • Mission and vision review
  • Systems and process analysis
  • Present experience and ideal transformation
  • Transition mapping, next steps and evaluation
  • Collaboration deep-dive.  

I take a limited number of strategy clients per quarter. Weekend intensives are available virtually or  in-person at retreat locations. Inquire early.   

Ready  to clarify next steps?