LIT Partnership

with Sanna Lamb Leadership and
Transition Coach
& Trainer

The LIT Partnership

This is the partnership that cherishes you, honours your work and sends you soaring. 

You need a trusted partner to design, develop and execute your big idea and/or transition, including “Just in time” support as things unfold and develop.

Perfect for: when you are ready to make bold moves and create change. You’re convinced you need to adopt new ways and a more pioneering spirit, where you initiate and share boldly (with humility) rather than wait for another to make the first move.

Lone-wolf leader? That’s going to change.

Get out of isolation and receive unwavering focus on the grander vision you hold for your life, leadership, and business.  You want a partner to be there over the course of 3-6 months to dismantle limitations, activate/leverage your zone of genius and create new conditions that align, excite & fully reward you.

No more going in circles or throwing darts and seeing what sticks. You’ll get actionable strategies to implement and resources to support you through the “all of it”.

Time to move forward?