LIT Speaking

with Sanna Lamb Leadership and
Transition Coach
& Trainer

LIT Speaking

Need a highly engaging speaker for your podcast, radio show, or live event?

LIT Founder Sanna Lamb and the LIT Network of Consciousness, leadership, Change and Transition Experts deliver highly engaging, thought-provoking keynotes and presentations that capture the audience to think, reflect and experience a shift in a short period of time.

Times of uncertainty, intense pressures and responsibilities demand that we learn new ways that stretch us to show up with extraordinary clarity and confidence and to keep taking inspired actions that move us forward.

LIT keynotes and workshops are energizing, engaging and informative, introducing skills for how to meet intensity and improve relationships at work and at home.

Some favorite topics:

  • Four Agreements that Eliminate Drama
  • Four Questions Every LIT Leader Asks
  • How to End Victimhood in Your Culture
  • How to Create a Culture of Trust & Creativity
  • Change is happening. How are you meeting it