Social Artistry

with Sanna Lamb
Social Artist
Leadership /
Transition Coach
& Trainer

Social Artistry 

Social Artistry is the art of enhancing human capacities in the light of complexity. It is designed to facilitate new ways of thinking and interacting to create necessary change. Social Artists are leaders in every field who value leading-edge co-creative learning. The Social Artist’s medium is the human community. They bring people and skills together to the canvas of challenges at hand. It is through their work that we access inner capacities and collective potential towards discovering innovative solutions and new ways for thriving.


Educated for a different time, few leaders are trained to deal with so total a game change as today. Many problems stem from leadership styles that are disconnected and ill prepared to deal with complexity. This is not just a matter of inadequate training but a lack of resourcefulness due to an outdated field of awareness that limits leaders in their abilities to resolve issues. Institutions around the world are failing to meet their purpose. Social Artists see through to the inner dynamics and serve as skilled players at key moments and places where systemic change can occur.



As a Social Artist, I collaborate with leaders, educators, artists and scientists to exchange perspectives and find solutions (hopefully also share some irreverence and lighten things with humor and beauty). I do not simply produce events or deliver impressions, the aim of our events is to change the way we think and interact and find the just right elements to gracefully push boundaries for what is possible.

During times of change, there is tremendous strength and creative glue at the intersection of divergent disciplines, industries, technologies and communities. Mixing things up encourages resilience and provides nourishment for individual and collective breakthroughs. Cracking the codes of a puzzling situation and seeing the light come on in people’s eyes is what I live for.  Pure joy.  The best feeling ever!


We can work together in service and celebration. I’ve owned an event coordination and media production business (7yrs.), co-owned an adult education seminar center (14 yrs.) and continue to create one-of-a-kind transformative experiences and events with community driven, progressive partners. Let’s partner together to improve your existing events, or create a completely new experience, or series of events together in one city or across the world.