Transitions can be exhilarating and joyful.

Very often they are upsetting, disorienting, and even overwhelming. It all depends on whether you are navigating from a place of True Power.Every day we are confronted by transitions, big and small. We may not even be aware of them. Some are voluntary – many are not. It’s therefore important to practice making conscious transitions with the simple everyday ones, such as how we arrive at work and arrive back home at the end of the day. Slowing down to align with True Power in easy times prepares us to be skillful when the big winds of change show up.More than once, I’ve been blown over and wrestled with reefing, or reducing, my sails. Like most, I’ve fastened the cleats and held course, until realizing the full extent of the conditions. It is said that those who fight an ocean will drown. In other words, I could carry on at a reduced level, with an inner stoop, or launch myself in a new direction. I chose to leave what once was an excellent position when I realized that the risk, or the pain, had become greater than the potential.Three Centering Questions, given to me by a wise woman, have helped me navigate unfamiliar seas: 1) Does this lead to life? 2) Is it mine? 3) How much is enough?The first question – does this lead to life – asks if there is a future in it? Is there sufficient fuel, reward, support or acknowledgement for the journey? Does it feel uplifting, energizing, inspiring? Is it sustainable?

The second question – is it mine – is critical because many things are very inspiring, yet what is truly yours to do? Does it relate to a theme in your life/work, something you are familiar with? Does it involve direct experience or knowledge you have acquired?

The third question – how much is enough – is something women often disregard by overdoing. When feeling unsupported or unsure, we tend to over rely on our strengths and over do/give. When motivated by fear, there’s a tipping point where we go beyond what comes naturally and authentically. This question relates to the artistry of knowing how to make the just right, beautiful response.

With these questions, it’s within your reach to transition from a place of integrity, or True Power. With this in place the outcome is bound to be magnificent.


The simplest things have integrity. Closest to truth, they have great power. Learn to practice conscious transitioning with the simplest things every day.

Each night, before lying down, identify what your one or two true priorities are for the following day. Use the above three questions to chart your best course for the following day.

Each morning: before getting out of bed, consider how you will rise and shine. When the alarm sounds, do you automatically roll over or jump out of bed? What would best energize and support you?

When you first wake up, try bringing your attention to your breathing. Observe four mindful breaths. Then bring your attention to how you feel as you transition from lying down to sitting, to standing. Before taking your first step ask yourself “what is my true priority for today?”

Do some light reaching and stretching as you consider your true priority and how you will apply your natural strengths. This is your best course for the day, and may it be exhilarating, joyful and productive!

Do share your centering questions with me and/or I’d be delighted to support you in uncovering your “just right”, beautiful response to what’s showing up in your world.

About Sanna: I believe women hold a valuable role as way-showers for conscious business and evolution. With 20 yrs. as a coach, trainer and creator of transformational leadership programs, I offer pathways for thriving in transition. I guide women to shape-shift into powerful leadership. Sailing on Long Island Sound in New York has always been a beloved activity for my family. Another place that I cherish is the Italian Lakes Region where I host annual retreats.